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  1. jimmer-core

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  2. jimmer-sql

    • I use spring-boot and expect to greatly simplify development with jimmer's spring-boot-starter and spring-data-jimmer

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    • I want to know all the details of using Jimmer, and even consider integrating Jimmer with other non-spring frameworks

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Quick experience

Use intellij to open <jimmer-home>/example/java/java-sql or <jimmer-home>/example/kotlin/java-sql-kt,

After opening it for the first time, compilation errors will appear in the IDE, please refer to Open Demo with IDE

Start it, Access http://localhost:8080/ui

For more information, please view Demos



Like other strong type dsl frameworks, jimmer uses a code generator, which is AnnotationProcessor for Java and KSP for Kotlin.

Therefore, when you open any project in the demo with the framework attached to the IDE for the first time, compilation errors will be reported because the code that should be automatically generated does not exist temporarily.

Don't be afraid, click the "Run" button with confidence, and all problems will disappear automatically and immediately.